Carol Bodlander-Recent Paintings

 The above paintings are a result of my being attracted to this beautiful Daphne paper which was hand made in Tibet. It has a highly textured surface, is thick and very touchable. It took a long time before I had the nerve to put paint on this exquisite paper. Once begun, however, the images began to emerge. Perhaps because the paper itself is black, the works seems to me to be from a dream state. In any case, some of the images appearing are actually from my dreams. To me it is interesting the way some of the images transform themselves into others - the process of becoming. It is as if they offer a physical illustration to the unfolding understandings I have received through the gift of psychotherapy.
The paintings were first begun with acrylic, then oil paint was added over chalk pastel. Some paintings include a substance containing mica which gives a reflection of light or"sparkle" which also refers to the psychological insights I have been given.

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