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Off-Rose the Secret Studio-Gallery of Venice is created with the intent of providing a venue for emerging artists of high quality and unique perceptions who have not yet acquired mainstream exposure.

Off-Rose intends to offer serious collectors and the general public the opportunity to participate in art experiences, to dialogue with the artists, and to purchase fine art works at affordable prices.

A long term goal for Off-Rose is to provide exhibition space to young students who show interest and prospects of becoming fine artists in the future. Ultimately, Off-Rose as a studio-gallery is interested in providing fine arts studio experiences to young people outside the school day.

Off-Rose will be a significant contribution to the increasingly in-demand exhibition schedule for the burgeoning Venice art world.

Top Left to Right: Opening of "ColorRhythms", paintings by Barbara Kolo and ceramics by Chris Dworin (click on image for PDF from Indymedia). Sonya Santos sings in the garden accompanied by musicians. Painting by Carol Bodlander entitled "Contemplating Probabilities." Bottom Left to Right: In the gallery, painting by Mela M., Sculpture by Hadya Finley. A student painting a mask. Ceramics by Sandra Zebi displayed in gallery.



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Photo Credit: Stephen Jonas, Carol Bodlander & Jeff Spiegel.