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"Now and Then" until Dec. 26. 2010

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Selections From Our Past Exhibitions

"Mixed Media"
Opening Reception: Nov. 8, 2009
Artists: F. Crowley, S.Crowley, C. Fields, Jackson Glenn, B.Kolo, R. Tyler, & C. Walker
Jeffrey Randall Synder

 "Fired Up!"
Opening Reception: May 4, 2008
Artists: F. Crowley, S.Crowley, C. Fields, B.Kolo, R. Tyler, K. Shelton, P.Schwab, P. Bodlaender, C. Blackwell, S. Blackwell, N. Rosenberg, A. Petrova & C. Walker Music: Fred Sokolow, Linda Sved & emerging musicians.

Opening Reception: July 15, 2007
Artists: F. Crowley, S.Crowley, L. Diemer, C. Fields, P. Garcia, M. Kelchak, B.Kolo, S. Nicholson, N. Rosenberg, P. Schwab, C. Tirr & C. Walker
Martin Espino

"Ebb & Flow"
Opening Reception: October 21, 2006
Artists: J.Besser, F. Crowley, S.Crowley, C. Hulen, M. Kelchak, B.Kolo, S. Nicholson, C. Tirr & C. Walker Music: John Crigler & J. P.Rivas 

"Local Color"
Opening Reception: April 22, 2006
Artists: V. Armand, F. Crowley, D.Frank, P.Garcia, C. Hulen, M. Kelchak,B.Kolo, S. Nicholson & J.Spiva Music: Martin Espino Reading By Enid Blaylock

"Line Travels"
Opening Reception: September 17, 2005
Artists: Barbara Lai Bennett, Ellie Riley
& Norma Jean Squires

"Petits Cadeaux, Regalos Pequeños, Presentes"
Opening Reception: December 4, 2004
Artists: Vera Armand, Monica Bain, Drew Carolan,
Joanne Cullen, Eric Eisenberg, JJ Helmuth, Barbara Kolo,
Cece Milder, Barbara Mills, Juan Simental, Isabel Spiegel,
Gabriela Tapia and Zebi

"Shades Of Grey"
Opening Reception: October 4, 2004
Artists: Carol Bodlander, Shirlee Frank,
Barbara Kolo and Isabel Spiegel

Opening Reception: September 20, 2003
Artists: Barbara Kolo and Chris Dworin
Music: Larry Zaiden Swing Ensemble

"In the Spirit of Carnivale"
Opening Reception: March 2, 2002
Artists: Skinny B., Christophe Cassidy,
Armando Echeverria, Eric Eisenberg,
Deniss Freppel, Claire Hirsch,
Omyrrha Levinson Rogers, Roza Lobo,
Charlene Worthley and Zebi
Music: Sonia Santos, Ana Gazzola, Fabio Soares

and Lula Afro Brasil


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