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Carol Bodlander

These paintings find their subject matter from the images appearing out of understandings and work done with the unconscious. They offer themshelves for introspection and attempts at understanding elements of the human condition. Color, rhythm and space are some of the artistic elements worked with in their presentation.

Nora Chapkis

As an artist, as a citizen of the world, I am attracted to the power of images that call forth social issues as well as images and concepts from the history of art: such things as the physicality of the material world, environmental issues, reflecting and honoring individual’s ideals. For me a merging of painterly expressiveness appropriate to monumental subjects and monumental scale are very important. I draw upon lessons learned from other artists such as Beckman Matisse and Picasso.

My paintings evolve through the process of change. The image on the canvas arises out of the struggle with the paint. I paint from life, drawings and photographs. Generally, I arrange and rearrange forms, either animate or inanimate in a shallow space. During the process of arranging, I modify objects in size and shape in order to produce a balanced painting and not to make a replication of perceptual reality.

I apply the pigment with brushes, painting knives and rags. I alternate very active areas with flat areas on the canvas. Warm and cool colors as well as light and dark values are used on the canvas. There is usually one color that dominates the finished painting. The surface energy, texture and color combine to give an emotional quality to my paintings.

Barbara Kolo

I started painting in my current abstract style about five years ago after returning to Los Angeles from a two-year stay in Paris, France. Like many artists before me I have to admit that being in the city (and also having a great love of Post-Impressionism) affected my work, but obviously those factors were not the only ones to influences my recent paintings.

Other artists’ work, my own life experiences, and simply the colors I see on a given day can influence what goes on to the canvas, but above all my abstracts are inspired by nature. An individual plant, a landscape, fire, water, the sky and weather, and often the effect of music overheard, or seeing a simple combination of colors and shapes can give me an idea for a painting.

Peter Bodlaender

I hand build sculptures with clay coils and slabs, and a rough idea about where we are headed. At first, the creative process moves with a life all of its own. Soon the navigation becomes more directed. Organic shapes take form and coherent structures with flowing, fluid, sensually curved contours emerge. The process tends towards an existential expression of being; an expression of below the surface realities.

Fired clay provides an organic connection with earth and a reminder of primordial origins. Color is derived from the clay itself, applied stains and patinas. I use glazes minimally or not at all. Surfaces have a variety of textures and some are burnished.

The artistic challenge is to move past the inevitable hiatus of uncertainty.
Resonance with the finished piece is my mark of success (and reward) for bringing the creative process to fruition.

I am in the early emerging artist phase and have been exhibiting and selling my pieces since 2006. I work out of the Berman School of Ceramics (North Hollywood, CA) and my home in the Silver Lake area.

Cheryl Walker

I explore the personal, environmental, social, and formal relationships between landscape, the body, and the human interaction. "Waterfall", a work I created in early 2006, is the result of an improvisatory process of creating the work directly on site. Inspired by the landscape of natural forms, I have placed each individual, oil pastel stroke on vinyl or the glass to suggest the feeling of being underwater. The work is the material result of the ephemeral exploration of natural and human interconnectedness. It is also the result of a progression from drawing to performative installation as I continually navigate the private space of my studio practice and the public realm of interaction.

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